Vesicles and pumice

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Title: Vesicles and pumice
Author: Barker, Daniel S.
Department: Geological Sciences
Subject: Dissolved gas Sunset Crater, Arizona Aden Crater, New Mexico Pahoehoe flow, Royal Gardens, Hawaii Burro Mesa Pouroff Trail, Big Bend National Park Tenerife Markagunt Plateau, Utah Hanauma Bay, Oahu Karoo basalt Stengelskuppe, Namibia Badvellir, Iceland Tionesta basalt, California Pont de Soupires, Royat, France Ste Dorothee sill, Quebec Quail Island, New Zealand Krakatau Tuff Canyon, Big Bend National Park Lipari Mauna Ulu, Hawaii Green Tuff, Pantelleria Blacktail Recreation Area, Idaho Bandelier Tuff, New Mexico Rhyolite Canyon Tuff, Arizona Lower Flow Unit, North Mountain Basalt McKay Head, Nova Scotia Margaretsville, Nova Scotia Gas bubbles Lava Magma Diffusion Bubble wall Bubble wall Buoyancy Bubble growth Rhyolites Basalt Shear Dike Pipe vesicles Pillow Zeolites Lava flow Joints Vesicle-rich diapir Buoyant diapir Glass Interstitial liquid Pumice Pyroclastic material Scoria High porosity Low permeability Vesicular pumice Pyroclastic flow Elongated vesicles Insulator Construction material Spicules Disharmonic fold Gas pipes (elutriation pipes) Cylindrical channels Nonwelded tuff Vesicle pipes Vesicles Stretched vesicles Calcite Quartz Viscosity Pumice lapilli Tubular pumice Basalt liquid Reticulate pumice Polygonal joint column
Date: 2009-03

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Description: One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments.
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