Studies in the genetics of Drosophila. IX, Articles on genetics, taxonomy, cytology, and radiation


Studies in the genetics of Drosophila. IX, Articles on genetics, taxonomy, cytology, and radiation

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Title: Studies in the genetics of Drosophila. IX, Articles on genetics, taxonomy, cytology, and radiation
Author: Wheeler, Marshall R.
Description: Table of contents: 1. A study of interspecific hybridization between members of the tripunctata group of Drosophila / J.T. Patterson (p. [7]-14) -- 2. Intraspecific relationships of Drosophila crocina Patterson and Mainland from three localities / William B. Heed (p. [15]-16) -- 3. Thirteen new species in the genus Drosophila from the Neotropical Region / William B. Heed and Marshall R. Wheeler (p. [17]-38) -- 4. Drosophila insularis, a new sibling species of the willistoni group / Theodosius Dobzhansky, Lee Ehrman, and Olga Pavlovsky (p. [39]-47) -- 5. Morphological differences between sibling species of Drosophila / B. Spassky (p. [48]-61) -- 6. Ecological and distributional notes on the Drosophilidae (Diptera) of El Salvador / William B. Heed (p. [62]-78) -- 7. Taxonomic and distributional studies of Nearctic and Neotropical Drosophilidae / Marshall R. Wheeler (p. [79]-114) -- 8. A parthenogenetic strain of Drosophila mangabeirai Malogolowkin / H.L. Carson, M.R. Wheeler, and W.B. Heed (p. [115]-122) -- 9. A preliminary note on the cardini group of Drosophila in the Lesser Antilles / William B. Heed (p. [123]-124) -- 10. Chromosomal studies of several species of Drosophila / Frances E. Clayton and Marvin Wasserman (p. [125]-131) -- 11. Further studies on the repleta group / Marvin Wasserman and Florence D. Wilson (p. [132]-156) -- 12. Studies on experimental populations of Drosophila arizonensis and Drosophila mojavensis / Lawrence E. Mettler (p. [157]-181) -- 13. An attempt to detect hybrid matings between D. mulleri and D. aldrichi under natural conditions / William B. Heed (p. [182]-185) -- 14. Genetic studies on Drosophila mulleri. I, The genetic analysis of a population / Warren P. Spencer (p. [186]-205) -- 15. Genetic studies on Drosophila mulleri. II, Linkage maps of the X and chromosome II with special reference to gene and chromosome homologies / Warren P. Spencer (p. [206]-217) -- 16. Relationships between species groups of the subgenus Pholadoris, Drosophila (Diptera: Drosophilidae) / Wharton B. Mather (p. [218]-220) -- 17. Genetic relationships of four Drosophila species from Australia (Diptera: Drosophilidae) / Wharton B. Mather (p. [221]-225) -- 18. A new Drosophilid from Australia (Diptera) / Marshall R. Wheeler (p. [226]-228) -- 19. Genetic variation of isoxanthopterin content in Drosophila melanogaster / Forbes W. Robertson and Hugh S. Forrest (p. [229]-237) -- 20. The production of attached-X chromosomes in Drosophila hydei / Thomas G. Gregg (p. [238]-245) -- 21. Effects of irradiation on the screw-worm, Callitroga hominivorax (Coq.) / Gail Kaufman and Marvin Wasserman (p. [246]-259) -- 22. Genetic studies of irradiated natural populations of Drosophila / Wilson S. Stone ... [et al.] (p. [260]-316).
Department: UT Libraries
Subject: Drosophila--Genetics Drosophila--Classification Drosophila--Effect of radiation on Drosophila--Cytology Drosophila--Hybridization
Date: 1957-11-01

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