Crow--Two Couples (JK,BD)

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dc.creator Hopper, Robert, 1945-1998 2009-08-07T15:27:43Z 2009-08-07T15:27:43Z 1980s 2009-08-07T15:27:43Z
dc.description The UT Conversation Library (UTCL) is a collection of appr. 200 hours of real-life conversations in various settings, many of the telephone conversations, collected by the late Robert Hopper, professor in the Department of Communication Studies, and his students and colleagues. These recordings were collected to support and advance research on spoken language in everyday life, at work, and in the media.
dc.description D Dating Couples: Unmarried couples at various stages of romance.
dc.subject Dating Couples (Unmarried)
dc.title Crow--Two Couples (JK,BD)
dc.description.department Communication Studies

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Description: Conversation Part 1
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Description: Transcript Part 2
Download File: d18-CrowCouples.pdf
Size: 793.2Kb
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Description: Conversation Part 2
Download File: d18-c-xxx.mp3
Size: 24.58Mb
Format: audio/mpeg
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Description: Conversation Part 3
Download File: d18-d-xxx.mp3
Size: 35.84Mb
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