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dc.creator Barker, Daniel S. 2009-07-13T17:00:40Z 2009-07-13T17:00:40Z 2009-03 2009-07-13T17:00:40Z
dc.description One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments.
dc.language.iso eng
dc.relation.ispartofseries Volcanology Field Photography;11
dc.subject Field geology
dc.subject Field photography
dc.subject Volcanology
dc.subject Volcanic rocks
dc.subject Igneous rocks
dc.subject Spatter
dc.subject Lava
dc.subject Ejecta
dc.subject Aden Crater, Portillo volcanic field, New Mexico
dc.subject Vesuvius
dc.subject Magma conduit
dc.subject Kilauea caldera
dc.subject Izu Oshima , Japan
dc.subject Lava Butte,Oregon
dc.subject Welded spatter
dc.subject El Comal scoria cone
dc.subject Amealco caldera, Mexico
dc.subject Residual heat
dc.subject Kilauea Iki, Hawaii
dc.subject Puu Puai cone
dc.subject Eldgja fissure, Iceland
dc.subject "The Ugly Pool", Iceland
dc.subject Halemaumau, Kilauea caldera
dc.subject Hornitos "little ovens"
dc.subject Lua Manu, Kilauea
dc.subject 1783 Laki eruption, Iceland
dc.subject Krafla, Iceland
dc.subject Craters of the Moon, Idaho
dc.subject Compaction
dc.subject Pitigliano, Italy
dc.subject Onano spatter flow, Italy
dc.subject Vents
dc.subject Solidus temperature
dc.subject Scoria
dc.subject Erosion
dc.subject Quenching
dc.subject Crater rim
dc.subject Explosive eruption
dc.subject Deposition
dc.subject Spatter ramparts
dc.subject Spatter cones
dc.subject Spatter-fed lava flow
dc.subject Lava flow
dc.title Spatter
dc.type Presentation
dc.description.department Geological Sciences

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Description: One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments
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