Pahoehoe, aa, and blocky lavas


Pahoehoe, aa, and blocky lavas

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dc.creator Barker, Daniel S. 2009-07-01T17:18:36Z 2009-07-01T17:18:36Z 2009-03 2009-07-01T17:18:36Z
dc.description One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments.
dc.language.iso eng
dc.relation.ispartofseries Volcanology Field Photography;9
dc.subject Field geology
dc.subject Field photography
dc.subject Volcanology
dc.subject Volcanic rocks
dc.subject Igneous rocks
dc.subject Mauna Loa, Hawaii
dc.subject Basaltic lava flows
dc.subject Viscosity
dc.subject Mauna Ulu, Hawaii
dc.subject Corrugations
dc.subject Drape
dc.subject Holei Pali fault scarp, Hawaii
dc.subject Volcanic hazard
dc.subject Kalapana, Hawaii
dc.subject Kalapana Gardens, Hawaii
dc.subject Lava breakout
dc.subject Pahoehoe swirls
dc.subject Royal Gardens, Hawaii
dc.subject Isla Fernandina, Galapagos
dc.subject Lava lizard
dc.subject Krafla, Iceland
dc.subject Makapuu Point, Oahu
dc.subject Devil's Orchard, Craters of the Moon, Idaho
dc.subject Blafell, Iceland
dc.subject Filled lava tube
dc.subject Makapuu Point, Oahu
dc.subject George P.L. Walker
dc.subject Inflated pahoehoe
dc.subject Shelly pahoehoe
dc.subject Laki, Iceland
dc.subject Oxidized pahoehoe
dc.subject Toothpaste lava
dc.subject Viscosity
dc.subject Fogo, Cape Verdes
dc.subject Fleener Chimneys, Lava Beds National Monument, California
dc.subject Bonito flow, Sunset Crater Arizona
dc.subject Etna, Italy
dc.subject Rubble
dc.subject Caldera
dc.subject Izu Oshima, Japan
dc.subject Blocky lava flows
dc.subject Medicine Lake volcano, California
dc.subject Joerg Keller
dc.subject Montana Rojada, Tenerife
dc.subject McKenzie Pass, Oregon
dc.subject Snaefellsness, Iceland
dc.subject Volvic, France
dc.subject Jean Etienne Guettard
dc.subject Rio Blanco, Rincon de la Vieja, Costa Rica
dc.subject Thelma and Louise flows, Grand Canyon
dc.subject Cooling history
dc.subject Topography
dc.subject Pahoehoe
dc.subject Ropy lava
dc.subject Drag
dc.subject Extrusion
dc.subject Lava tube
dc.subject Thermal insulation
dc.subject Porous lava
dc.subject Flow direction
dc.subject Texture
dc.subject Pahoehoe slab
dc.subject Adaptive coloring
dc.subject Pahoehoe tube
dc.subject Vesicles
dc.subject Aa lava
dc.subject Crust
dc.subject Vent
dc.subject Breccia
dc.subject "Tank tread" advance
dc.subject Dacite flow
dc.subject Scoria cone
dc.subject Stream channel
dc.subject Alluvium
dc.subject Basalt
dc.title Pahoehoe, aa, and blocky lavas
dc.type Presentation
dc.description.department Geological Sciences

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Description: One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments.
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