Layers in intrusive rocks

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Title: Layers in intrusive rocks
Author: Barker, Daniel S.
Department: Geological Sciences
Subject: intrusive igneous rocks layering mineral orientations mineral compositions gravitational sorting flow differentiation injection magmas intrusive body rhythmic precipitation depletion undersaturation chromite plagioclase Bushveld complex, Dwars River, South Africa Peridotite Addie, North Carolina Vertical layers Rougemont, Quebec Cross-cutting layers syenite Mount Johnson, Quebec Rhythmic layers Kringlerne, Ilimaussaq complex, SW Greenland Sunken block roof rock Kangerdluassuq fjord, Greenland Photomicrograph Alkali feldspar blue amphibole eudialyte granite Nine Point Mesa intrusion Big Bend National Park, Texas Gabbro Mount Royal, Quebec Schlieren Enchanted Rock, Texas nepheline syenite Spitskop, South Africa dipping layers Steelpoort Valley, South Africa Phlogopite Diopside apatite Foskor Pit, Palabora Complex, South Africa Diorite Pleasant Bay, Maine Mafic rocks Port Coldwell complex, Ontario ferroaugite syenite Glaciated outcrop Lake Superior Ney Provincial Park, Ontario ultramafic rocks Garbh Bheinn, Skye Anorthosite Stillwater Complex, Montana Layered gabbro Ushuswanna Complex South Africa G-3 granite Post-tectonic granite Soldaatenbaai, Cape Province, South Africa Richard Grant Cawthorn Lers, French Pyrenees Donegal Granite Glen Quarry, Ireland Volcanology Igneous rocks Field geology Field photography velocity vectors
Date: 2009-04

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Description: One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments.
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