Air fall ash and tuff

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dc.creator Barker, Daniel S. 2009-04-28T21:39:17Z 2009-04-28T21:39:17Z 2009-03 2009-04-28T21:39:17Z
dc.language.iso eng
dc.relation.ispartofseries Volcanology Field Photography;13
dc.subject Eruption cloud
dc.subject Airfall
dc.subject Volcanic ash
dc.subject Pumice
dc.subject Convecting clouds
dc.subject Erosion
dc.subject Induration
dc.subject Indurated deposit
dc.subject Tuff
dc.subject Lapilli
dc.subject Lapilli tuff
dc.subject Convecting plume
dc.subject Mushroom cloud
dc.subject Eruption plume
dc.subject Partial dome collapse
dc.subject Carbon-dating
dc.subject Buried soil
dc.subject Paleosol
dc.subject Drape
dc.subject Unconformity
dc.subject Impact sag
dc.subject Tuff ring
dc.subject Vesuvius
dc.subject Roman villa, Oplontis
dc.subject Gary Byerly
dc.subject McKinney Falls State Park, Travis County, Texas.
dc.subject Cretaceous limestone
dc.subject Altered ash
dc.subject Valles caldera,New Mexico
dc.subject El Cajete pumice
dc.subject Ranu Raraka, Rapa Nui
dc.subject Isabela Island, Galapagos
dc.subject Izu Oshima, Japan
dc.subject Mt. Francelho, Brava, Cape Verdes
dc.subject North Island, New Zealand
dc.subject Wukoki
dc.subject Sunset Crater, Arizona
dc.subject Tarawera, New Zealand
dc.subject Fogo, Cape Verdes
dc.subject Ash plume
dc.subject Mt. St Helens, Washington
dc.subject White Island, New Zealand
dc.subject South East Idaho
dc.subject Etna, Catania, Sicily
dc.subject Airfall ash
dc.subject Pyroclastic
dc.subject Volcanology
dc.subject Field geology
dc.subject Igneous rocks
dc.subject Volcanic rocks
dc.title Air fall ash and tuff
dc.type Presentation
dc.description.department Geological Sciences

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Description: One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments.
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