Texas Education Agency Bulletins


Texas Education Agency Bulletins


The Texas Education Agency began publishing numbered bulletins in 1914. These contain statistical information about public schools in the State of Texas, as well as periodic reports on educational policies and school performance, among a variety of other education-related topics.

TEA bulletins from all eras have proven to be of interest to both historians and education researchers. Our collection of Texas Education Agency bulletins resides here in digital form, and print versions of these bulletins are located at the Perry-Castañeda Library on the UT Austin campus:

1870-1985 | 1948-1984 | 1952-1976 | 1986-1994 | 1996

For current annual reports and statistical data, please visit the Texas Education Agency’s “Reports & Data” site.

Questions may be directed to UT’s Education Librarian and more information can be found in the Historical & Primary Sources Education Guide.

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