Actuacion Preliminar No 118/07


Actuacion Preliminar No 118/07

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Title: Actuacion Preliminar No 118/07
Author: Unknown
Description: This 28-page document appears to be a preliminary proceeding or action ("Actuación Preliminar") number 118/07 called "Contaminación en Abra Pampa por metales tóxicos" (Contamination in Abra Pampa by Toxic Metals) addressed to Dr. Mario Francisco Snopek, federal prosecutor number 2 of Jujuy Province. The letterhead on the first page reads "Ministerio Público Fiscal." The document describes the situation in legal terms, making reference to specific laws and legal cases. It describes the relevant jurisprudence. It names the corporation and individuals allegedly responsible for the environmental contamination. The document is not signed.
Department: Law, School of
Subject: Argentina Ariel Dulitzky Human Rights Clinic Abra Pampa actuación Resolución 123/06 Mario Francisco Snopek UFIMA lead plomo Ley 22.421 Ley 22.946 Ley Nacional 24051 Ley Nacional 25.612 Ley 23.922 Ley 23.724 Ley 23.778 Ley 24.040 Ley 24.167 Daniel E. Morín Graciela Bovi Mitre Metal Huasi Omar García Julio García Raúl Esteban García Jesús Silva Sánchez escoria slag Elcoriam S.A. Ricardo Ariel Elías Chenú José Raúl Ferraro Héctor Luis Garibaldi Z Black Binder- Clear tab
Date: 2007-10-25

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