Carta con resultados preliminares del muestreo suelos


Carta con resultados preliminares del muestreo suelos

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Title: Carta con resultados preliminares del muestreo suelos
Author: Martínez, Dr. Fernando Díaz-Barriga
Description: A letter dated July 2006 from Dr. Fernando Díaz-Barriga Martínez of the Department of Environmental Toxicology in the Department of Medicine at the University of San Luis Potosí in Mexico. He writes to Herman Zerpa, mayor (or perhaps manager) of the town of Abra Pampa, Argentina. The letter describes the preliminary results of the soil sample testing. The letter states that the levels of lead in the soil is above the acceptable level and recommends an environmental clean-up. The letter also recommends an immediate public health program including monitoring the levels of lead in children's blood. It states that the soil samples were also sent to a Canadian institution for testing for 50 elements. The letter emphasizes the urgency of the situation and states that no one should wait for the results from Canada to act. The writer reminds the mayor that children are most susceptible to the effects of lead and that its main effect is on neural and cognitive functioning. The letter suggests contacting Dr. Graciela Bovi Mitre of the University of Jujuy and Dr. Susana García at the Ministry of Health. The letter appears to have been sent to these two people as well. Within the letter and also attached is a list of the results of 10 soil samples with their concentration of lead and cadmium.
Department: Law, School of
Subject: Argentina Ariel Dulitzky Human Rights Clinic Abra Pampa Herman Zerpa soil sample results resultados muestreo suelos testing analysis análisis lead plomo cadmium cadmio Metal Huasi niños children Susana García Graciela Bovi Mitre Fernando Díaz-Barriga Martínez Standards
Date: 2006

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