Plan de Accion Inmediata

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Title: Plan de Accion Inmediata
Author: Unknown
Description: Author is possibly Patricio Peñalba, Karina Gomez Aguirre, "Defensor del Pueblo de la Nación"This is a two-page chart including the following column headings: Activity, who responsible, deadline, degree of progress by October 2008 (according to inhabitants), degree of progress according to to the present survey (according to Dr. Aban). At top of document is the logo for the "Defensor del Pueblo de la Nación, República Argentina." A handwritten note at the top says "Much of this unchanged as of July 2010" and "Student did this for a thesis project, Universidad de San Andrés, Patricio Peñalba -". Lists the phone numbers for 3 individuals: Dr. Ripol, Lic. (Licensed) Ontiveros, and Dr. Aban. Stamped and initialled at the bottom of document with the name of a doctor: "Karina Gomez Aguirre, Medico, M.P. 114.387, M.N. 100.844".
Department: Law, School of
Subject: Argentina Ariel Dulitzky Human Rights Clinic Abra Pampa lead plomo saturnismo plumbemia plombemia lead poisoning contaminación contamination Ripol Aban Ontiveros
Date: 2008-10

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