Contributions in marine science volume 35

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Title: Contributions in marine science volume 35;
Dedicated Issue: First International Tarpon Symposium February 2001
Author: University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Abstract: Table of Contents. Introduction / (p. i) -- Table of Contents / (p. ii) -- Reviewed Papers. Studies in conservation genetics of tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) - I. Variation in restriction length polymorphisms of mitochondrial DNA across the distribution of the species / Ivonne R. Blandon, Rocky Ward, Francisco J. García de León, Andre M. Landry, Alfonso Zerbi, Miguel Figuerola, T. Cristina Gesteira, William Daily and Celene Acuña Leal (p. 1-17) -- Studies in conservation of tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) - II. Population structure of tarpon in the western Gulf of Mexico / Francisco J. García de León, Celene Acuña Leal, Ivonne R. Blandon and Rocky Ward (p. 18-33) -- Records of Megalops atlanticus on the Mexican Caribbean Coast / Juan J. Schmitter-Soto, Ana Minerva Arce-Ibarra and Lourdes Vásquez-Yeomans (p. 34-42) -- Feeding behavior and prey capture kinematics of juvenile tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) / Cedric M. Guigand and Ralph G. Turingan (p. 43-54) -- Recruitment of tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) leptocephali into the Indian River Lagoon, Florida / Jonathan M. Shenker, E. Cowie-Mojica, Roy E. Crabtree, Heather M. Patterson, Connie Stevens and Kara Yakubik (p. 55 - 69) -- Isla Contoy - A Mexican Caribbean ecosystem used by tarpon, Megalops atlanticus as a feeding area / Maria E. Vega-Cendejas and Mirella Hernández (p. 70-80) -- Life history strategies, population dynamics and consequences for supplemental stocking of Tarpon by Kirk O. Winemiller and William H. Dailey (p. 81-94) -- Extended Abstracts / (p. 95-99) -- Abstracts of Papers Not Included / (p. 100-107) -- Roundtable Discussions. Cooperation between fisherman, guides, scientists and fishery managers / moderated by Andre Landry and Dave Sullivan (p. 108-109) -- Management of tarpon throughout the distribution of the species / moderated by Bob Colura (p. 110-111) -- Current status of tarpon research and future tarpon research opportunities and needs / moderated by Duncan S. MacKenzie (p. 112-115)
Department: UT Libraries
Subject: Marine biology -- Gulf Coast (U.S.) Marine biology -- Mexico, Gulf of Tarpon
Date: 2002

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