Contributions in marine science volume 22

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Title: Contributions in marine science volume 22
Author: University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Abstract: Table of Contents. Instructions to Authors (p. iii-iv) -- Decapod Crustacean Fauna of Seven and One-Half Fathom Reef, Texas: Species Composition, Abundance, and Species Diversity / Darryl L. Felder and Allan H. Haney (p. 1-30) -- Pelagic Tar Concentrations in the Gulf of Mexico over the South Texas Continental Shelf / Linda H. Pequegnat (p. 31-40) -- Seasonal Dynamics of Salt Marsh Plant Associations in Louisiana / T. E. Weiss, D. A. White and L. B. Thien (p. 41-52) -- A New Marine Cercaria (Digenea: Aporocotylidae) from the Southern Quahog Mercenaria campechiensis / William J. Wardle (p. 53-56) -- Larval Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) a Bioassay Subject for the Marine Subtropics / Allyn G. Johnson, Theodore D. Williams, John F. Messinger III and Connie R. Arnold (p. 57-62) -- Petroleum in Deep Benthic Ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea / Willis E. Pequegnat and Lela M. Jeffrey (p. 63-76) -- Trophic Habits of the Juvenile FIshes within Artificial Waterways--Marco Island, Florida / James C. Kinch (p. 77-90) -- Nereis (Neanthes) Micromma N. Sp. (Polychaeta: Nereididae) from the Northern Gulf of Mexico with a Note on the Structure of Nereidid Palps / Donald E. Harper, Jr. (p. 91-104) -- The Genus Polysiphonia (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) in the Vicinity of Port Aransas, Texas / Donald F. Kapraun (p. 105-120) -- Range Extension to Texas for Taphromysis bowmani Bacescu (Crustacea: Mysidacea) with notes on its Ecology and Generic Distribution / Charles E. Compton, Jr. and W. Wayne Price (p. 121-126) -- Effects of Temperature and Salinity on the Growth of the Benthic Diatom Nitzschia ovalis Arnott (Bacillariophyceae) / Linda K. Medlin and W. B. Wilson (p. 127-136) -- A Simple Model of the Seasonal Growth of Sparina alterniflora and Spartina patens / R. Eugene Turner (p. 137-148) -- Distribution, Abundance, Feeding and Long-Term Fluctuations of Spot, Leiostomus xanthurus and Croaker, Micropogonias undulatas, in Apalachicola Bay, Florida, 1972-1977 / Gerald J. Kobylinski and Peter F. Sheridan (p. 149-162) -- Observations on the Biology of San Seatrout (Cynoscion arenarius) in Galveston and Trinity Bays, Texas / A. W. Moffett, L. W. McEachrom and J. G. Key (p. 163-172) -- Diel Activity in the Spiny Lobster Panulius argus (Latreille) / Martha Elizabeth Casterlin and William Wallace Reynolds (p. 173-178) -- Systematic List of the Seaweeds of South Texas / Bart J. Baca, Lazern O. Sorensen and Elenor R. Cox (p. 179-192) -- Toxicity and Bioconcentration of EPN and Leptophos to Selected Estuarine Animals / Steven C. Schimmel, Timothy L. Hamaker and Jerrold Forester (p. 193-204) -- Depositional History and Rate of Deposition of a Flood-Tidal Delta, Central Texas Coast / Michael Amdurer, Michael G. Munson and Salvatore Valastro, Jr. (p. 205-214)
Department: UT Libraries
Subject: Marine biology -- Gulf Coast (U.S.) Marine biology -- Mexico, Gulf of
Date: 1979-08

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