Contributions in marine science volume 16

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Title: Contributions in marine science volume 16
Author: University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Abstract: Table of Contents. Fishes Associated with the Pelagic Sargassum Complex, with a Discussion of the Sargassum Community / James K. Dooley (p. 1-32) -- Developmental Osteology of the Lined Sole, Achirus lineatus (Pisces: soleidae) / Charles R. Futch, Robert W. Topp and Edward D. Houde (p. 33-58) -- Diurnal Variation in Fattening Responses to Prolactin Treatment in Two Cyprinodontid Fishes, Cyprinodon variegatus and Fundulus similis / Victor L. deVlaming and Martin Sage (p. 59-64) -- Spray-marking Juvenile Shrimp with Granular Flourescent Pigment / Robert C. Benton and Donald Lightner (p. 65-70) -- Growth and Seasonal Distribution of the Elasmobranch Dasyatis sabina / M. Sage, R. G. Jackson, W. L. Klesch, and V. L. deVlaming (p. 71-74) -- Notes on Distribution, Size, and Ovarian Development of some Penaeid Shrimps in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico, 1961-62 / Harold A. Brusher, William C. Renfro and Richard A. Neal (p. 75-88) -- Beach Changes on the Central Texas Coast associated with Hurricane Fern, September 1971 / Richard A. Davis, Jr. (p. 89-98) -- Silica Contents in the Northwestern Florida Gulf Coast / Carol F. Stephens and Carl H. Oppenheimer (p. 99-108) -- The Distribution of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Near-Shore Waters of the Texas Coast / Larry G. Maurer and P. L. Parker (p. 109-124) -- Size-related Metabolic Responses of the Pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides, to Salinity Variations and Sublethal Petrochemical Pollution / Thomas C. Kloth and Donald E. Wohlschlag (p. 125-138) -- Stable Carbon Isotope Ratio Variations in Organic Carbon from Gulf of Mexico Sediments / P. L. Parker, E. Wm. Behrens, John A. Calder and David Shultz (p. 139-148) -- Lipid Geochemistry of a Mississippia Coastal Bog Environment / Julia R. Sever, Thomas F. Lytle and Pat Haug (p. 149-162) -- Marsh Production: A Summary of the Literature / Carolyn W. Keefe (p. 163-181) -- Instructions to Authors (p. 182-183)
Department: UT Libraries
Subject: Marine biology -- Gulf Coast (U.S.) Marine biology -- Mexico, Gulf of
Date: 1972-03

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