Contributions in marine science volume 15

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Title: Contributions in marine science volume 15
Author: University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Abstract: Table of Contents. E. J. Lund, 1884-1969 / Donald E. Wohlschlag (p. v) -- E. J. Lund, 1884-1969 / Gordon Gunter and Gordon Marsh (p. vi-viii) -- Distribution of Juvenile Brown Shrimp (Penaeus aztecus Ives) in Galveston Bay, Texas, as Related to Certain Hydrographic Features and Salinity / Jack C. Parker (p. 1-12) -- Normal Alkanes of Five Coastal Spermatophytes / D. H. Attaway, P. L. Parker and J. A. Mears (p. 13-20) -- Size of Pinfish in Relation to Thermal Stress Response / Donald E. Wohlschlag and Joseph J. Cech, Jr. (p. 21-32) -- Diurnal Variations in the Activity and Metabolism of the Atlantic Midshipman, Porichthys porosissimus / Richard H. Moore (p. 33-44) -- Relative Abundance, Seasonal Distribution, and Species Composition of Demersal Fishes of Louisiana and Texas, 1962-1964 / Donald Moore, Harold A. Brusher and Lee Trent (p. 45-70) -- The Reproductive Biology and Larval Development of Laeonereis culveri Webster (Polychaeta: Nereidae) / William L. Klesch (p. 71-86) -- The Eyes of White Shrimp, Penaeus setiferus (Linnaeus) With a Note on the Rock Shrimp, Sicyonia brevirostris Stimpson / Edward S. Zyznar (p. 87-102) -- Fish Species Diversity Indices as Indicators of Pollution in Galveston Bay, Texas / Timothy J. Bechtel and B. J. Copeland (p. 103-132) -- Nearshore Surface Currents, Southeastern Texas Gulf Coast / Richard L. Watson and E. William Behrens (p. 133-144) -- Thecal Morphology of Selected Species of Dinophysis (Dinoflagellata) from the Gulf of Mexico / Dean R. Norris and Leo D. Berner, Jr. (p. 145-192) -- A Checklist of the Mollusks of Seven and One-Half Fathom Reef, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico / John W. Tunnell, Jr. and Allan H. Chaney (p. 193-204) -- Field and Cultural Studies of Ulva and Enteromorpha in the Vicinity of Port Aransas, Texas / Donald F. Kapraun (p. 205-285) -- Instructions to Authors (p. 286-287)
Department: UT Libraries
Subject: Marine biology -- Gulf Coast (U.S.) Marine biology -- Mexico, Gulf of
Date: 1970-12

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