Contributions in marine science volume 13

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Title: Contributions in marine science volume 13
Author: University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Abstract: Table of Contents. Distribution of Lucifer faxoni (Crustacea: Decapoda: Sergestidae) in neritic water off the Texas Coast, with a note on the occurrence of Lucifer typus / Donald E. Harper, Jr. (p. 1-16) -- Use of dorsal carinal spines to differentiate between postlarvae of brown shrimp, Penaeus aztecus Ives, and white shrimp, P. setiferus (Linnaeus) / Gilbert Zamora and Lee Trent (p. 17-20) -- Cyclic and current structures in a Serpulid reef / E. William Behrens (p. 21-28) -- A study of the geochemistry of vitamin B12 / Larry G. Maurer and P. L. Parker (p. 29-42) -- The production of carbon dioxide by Rangia cuneata / Robert J. Beyers and Robert W. Warwick (p. 43-50) -- A revision of the genus Hoplunnis Kaup (Apodes, Muraenescoidae), with a description of a new species / E. David Lane and Kenneth W. Stewart (p. 51-64) -- Studies on the reflecting layers of fishes / J. A. C. Nicol and C. Van Baalen (p. 65-88) -- Seasonal changes in the respiratory metabolism of the pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides) / Donald E. Wohlschlag, James N. Cameron and Joseph J. Cech, Jr. (p. 89-104) -- Distribution of the epibiota of macroepibenthic plants / J. Stewart Nagle (p. 105-144) -- A New Species of Carangid Fish (Decapterus tabl) from the Western Atlantic / Frederick H. Berry (p. 145-167)
Department: UT Libraries
Subject: Marine biology -- Gulf Coast (U.S.) Marine biology -- Mexico, Gulf of
Date: 1968-07

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