LBJ Journal of Public Affairs, Vol. 18, Issue 2, 2006

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Title: LBJ Journal of Public Affairs, Vol. 18, Issue 2, 2006
Author: LBJ School of Public Affairs
Description: TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the Editors-in-Chief (p.4) -- Dean’s Corner James B. Steinberg (p.5) -- Practitioner’s Corner James E. “Pete” Laney (p.7) -- Reconstruction of Post-Conflict Societies: Social Dynamics, Democracy, and Institution-Building by J. Culain Fripp (p.9) -- Promises, Prospects, and Prognostications for a Civil Society in Burma by Jennifer Richmond (p.17) -- Russian Power Brokering, Peacemaking, and Meddling in the Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict by Stephanie Fain (p.27) -- Governance in Mexico: A Lack of Experience at the Local Level by Laura Sullivan (p.38) -- Housing Policy and the Underclass Debate: Policy Choices and Implications (1900–1970) by J. Rosie Tighe (p.47) -- If Open Source Code is a Public Good, Why Does Private Provision Work (Or Does It)? by David R. Agrawal (p.55) -- 2005–2006 LBJ Journal of Public Affairs Editorial Board (p.65)
Department: Public Affairs
Subject: public affairs public policy public administration policy analysis global policy international affairs housing policy democratization and politics
Date: 2006

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