Visualizations and Textual Representations of “Backup Dweez Removables, December 2003"


Visualizations and Textual Representations of “Backup Dweez Removables, December 2003"

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dc.creator Eastwood, Meg
dc.creator Edwards, Chloe
dc.creator O'Donnell, Kevin
dc.creator Tenney, Martha
dc.creator Brown, Amy Franks 2012-05-01T19:42:43Z 2012-05-01T19:42:43Z 2012 2012-05-01
dc.description This item contains five representations of the entirety of Sanger’s hard drive labeled “Backup Dweez Removables, December 2003” : a spreadsheet of the file extensions on the drive as a whole, a pie chart of the free and occupied space on the drive, a tree map showing the size of the files on the hard drive, a CSV file showing information for all the files on the drive, and an XML file (in a zipped folder with a XSL style sheet which will allow you to view the file in a Web browser--enable active content if necessary) with a representation the directory structure of the whole drive down to the folder level. A treemap is an information visualization format that displays hierarchical data (such as from a directory) as a map of nested rectangles. Each directory in the hierarchy is represented by a rectangle, with sub-directories nested within their parent directories. These rectangles or leaves take up an amount of space which is proportional to the size of the data in that directory or sub-directory. The CSV file with information about all the files was created using the FTK Imager software and the other visualizations were created using the TreeSize Professional software.
dc.subject Video games
dc.title Visualizations and Textual Representations of “Backup Dweez Removables, December 2003"
dc.description.department Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Files in this work

Description: Spreadsheet of the hard drive's directory structure
Download File: SANGER5.001.csv
Size: 1.300Mb
Format: application/octet-stream
Description: Spreadsheet of file types on hard drive
Size: 8.175Kb
Format: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet
Description: Full report on files generated by TreeSize Professional
Download File:
Size: 7.308Kb
Format: application/octet-stream
Description: Pie chart visualization of the space usage on hard drive
Size: 9.067Kb
Format: image/png
Description: Treemap displaying directory structure as map of nested rectangles
Size: 161.6Kb
Format: image/png

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