Visualizations and Textual Representations of “Backup Dweez Removables, December 2003"


Visualizations and Textual Representations of “Backup Dweez Removables, December 2003"

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Title: Visualizations and Textual Representations of “Backup Dweez Removables, December 2003"
Author: Eastwood, Meg; Edwards, Chloe; O'Donnell, Kevin; Tenney, Martha; Brown, Amy Franks
Description: This item contains five representations of the entirety of Sanger’s hard drive labeled “Backup Dweez Removables, December 2003” : a spreadsheet of the file extensions on the drive as a whole, a pie chart of the free and occupied space on the drive, a tree map showing the size of the files on the hard drive, a CSV file showing information for all the files on the drive, and an XML file (in a zipped folder with a XSL style sheet which will allow you to view the file in a Web browser--enable active content if necessary) with a representation the directory structure of the whole drive down to the folder level. A treemap is an information visualization format that displays hierarchical data (such as from a directory) as a map of nested rectangles. Each directory in the hierarchy is represented by a rectangle, with sub-directories nested within their parent directories. These rectangles or leaves take up an amount of space which is proportional to the size of the data in that directory or sub-directory. The CSV file with information about all the files was created using the FTK Imager software and the other visualizations were created using the TreeSize Professional software.
Department: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Subject: Video games
Date: 2012

Files in this work

Description: Spreadsheet of the hard drive's directory structure
Download File: SANGER5.001.csv
Size: 1.300Mb
Format: application/octet-stream
Description: Spreadsheet of file types on hard drive
Size: 8.175Kb
Format: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet
Description: Full report on files generated by TreeSize Professional
Download File:
Size: 7.308Kb
Format: application/octet-stream
Description: Pie chart visualization of the space usage on hard drive
Size: 9.067Kb
Format: image/png
Description: Treemap displaying directory structure as map of nested rectangles
Size: 161.6Kb
Format: image/png

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