LBJ Journal of Public Affairs, Vol. 11, 1999

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Title: LBJ Journal of Public Affairs, Vol. 11, 1999
Author: LBJ School of Public Affairs
Description: TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the Dean (p.2) -- From the Managing Editor (p.4) -- Practitioner’s Corner THE HONORABLE KENNETH S. APFEL, COMMISSIONER OF SOCIAL SECURITY (p.5) -- Poverty, Policy and Presidential Power: An Examination of the Welfare Reform Policies of the Nixon and Clinton Administrations by ADAM THOMAS (p. 9) -- From the 1920s to the 1990s: The Continuing Crises of Capitalism by NICHOLAS J. BRUNICK (p.21) -- Size Matters: Measuring Income Inequality Across U.S. Cities by DANIEL B. GUBITS (p.42) -- Electronic Commerce in the Public Sector: Policy Challenges in Securing Electronic Commerce with a Public Key Infrastructure by BRANDON ATKINSON (p.54) -- Insurance Relining in Texas by JEREMY MAZUR (p.65) -- One Europe = One Currency: Prospects and Perils of European Economic and Monetary Union by TOMASZ A. SWINARSKI (p.75) -- LBJ School of Public Affairs Professional Reports and Dissertations Completed in 1998 (p.85) -- Index of Past Journal Articles 1999 (p.90) -- LBJ Journal of Public Affairs Editorial Board
Department: Public Affairs
Subject: public affairs public policy public administration policy analysis global policy
Date: 1999

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