Ex Nihilo (1997)


Ex Nihilo (1997)

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Title: Ex Nihilo (1997)
Author: Undergraduate Philosophy Association (Austin, Tex.)
Abstract: Table of contents: Editor's Foreword (p.5) -- The Algorithm I / by Christopher Cade Mosley (p. 7) -- Jamesian Faith / by Jesse Bailey (p. 9-25) -- Error in Descartes / by Christopher Furlong (p. 27-34) -- Why Eternal Recurrence? / by Karen Sokol (p. 35-47) -- Title in Geneva 18 / by Jarred P. McGinnis (p. 49-52) -- In Defense of a Progressive Military / by Nirav S. Desai (p. 53-62) -- A Modernist and Postmodernist Approach to "Notes From the Underground" / by Jerry Pinkston (p. 63-69) -- Against Popper / by Bryan Register (p. 71-83) -- Lament of the Furniture Makers / by Christopher Cade Mosley (p. 85)
Department: Philosophy
Subject: college students' writings philosophy study and teaching
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2152/13593
Date: 1997

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