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dc.creator Henery, Celeste 2011-05-09T20:48:05Z 2011-05-09T20:48:05Z 2007 2011-05-09
dc.description Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
dc.description.abstract “For me, the Meninas de Sinhá came to rescue our histories, our roots…to take us back to our childhood, to be like children again, when we used to play hide-and-seek and other games. The history of the Meninas de Sinhá started more or less with these kinds of games. Then, when we felt the need, we started remembering our songs from long ago, songs that our grandmothers used to sing, songs that we used to sing in the yards of our houses under the moonlight, on the farms… We wanted to remember all of that. So for me all of this was a rescuing of the history of our childhood." (May 2007)
dc.subject Black Brazilian Women Elder Activists
dc.title Seninha
dc.description.department African and African Diaspora Studies

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